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Individual 3D Floor plates

Interactive 3D floor plates for any floor space

When marketing any floor space we can create an individual, interactive 3D floor plate to show the available space or a current/future fit out with furnished and unfurnished options.

Give people a much better understanding of a space and its future potential.

Show potential fit out options or create your own fit out with our drag & drop furniture feature.

Encourage users to engage and explore the space in a 1st person walkthrough.

Interactive 3D is one of the best ways to visualise any space or fit out

Snaploader interactive 3D models are optimised to be viewed on any mobile device or in any desktop browser without the need to download an app or program, making it available anywhere, anytime 24/7.

Interactive 3D floor plates provide a virtual tour of any current or future space without leaving the office.

Interactive 3D model

Click to view full screen and explore the 3D model

Click to view full screen and explore the 3D model

3D floor plate options:

Unfurnished - Basic

Interactive 3D model, unfurnished with drag & drop furniture feature to enable a user to create their own fit out

Furnished - Basic

Interactive 3D model, furnished using standard Snaploader library (no customisation)

Furnished - Standard

Interactive 3D model, furnished to reflect the fit out concept using our standard library with some customised assets.

Furnished - High detail

Interactive 3D model, furnished to the fit out concept in high detail using customised assets as per the concept fit out.

Interactive 3D floor plate examples:

130 Lonsdale Street

Raine Square

343 Albert


Austin Centre

311 S Wacker

311 S Wacker


Furnished, High Detail

Un/Furn Combo, Standard

Furnished, High detail

Furnished, Basic

Unfurnished, Basic

Furnished, Standard

Some of the important features

View on any device, desktop or mobile – no app, specialized hardware or program required, just a simple URL link

Easily share 3D links – SMS, email or on social media. Integrate multi-media content - images, video or floor plans into a 3D model

Interactive 3D visualization online – include in any digital campaign, website or property listing in REA and Domain (Australia only).

Drag & drop furniture – Furnish the apartment with real scale 3D furniture

What we need you to email us to quote on your project?

For an individual 3D floor plate:

A 2D floor plan of the floor plate with a furnished layout and design concept/fit out. If high detail please include a schedule of furnishing required.



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