Interactive Technology Keeps Industry Ticking During Lockdown




May 01, 2020 as seen in the...

Snaploader interactive 3D model - Kiara Residences - click to view

The collective pause caused by the coronavirus crisis has had a major impact on business and the built environment, with many in the property industry looking to reinvent the way we sell and interact with buyers.

The software products and tools have been around for some time and have rapidly improved in recent years however the industry has been slow to utilize their full capabilities.

Snaploader, a 3D visualisation tool, is helping property professionals leverage their products in an uncertain market.

The program enables detailed interactive 3D models to be viewed online without the friction of any specialised hardware or software

“During these unprecedented times, our customers are leveraging Snaploader Interactive 3D models as their digital twins to stay productive and committed to public health,” Snaploader chief executive Eric Fink said.

Snaploader 3D visualisation is enabling our real estate clients to keep transacting by providing a digital twin of their projects in 3D for their customers to view online from anywhere in the world.

“The Snaploader solutions offer a virtual inspection in 3D for existing or new build properties.

”Large multi-building developments can now be opened via the 3D model URL link on any device as you would with a YouTube video link.

The software can create residential, commercial and industrial 3D models from 2D floor plans and for larger projects from a set of architectural plans.

URL’s for the 3D models can be shared, embedded into the project website and are featured in all major real estate portals.

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Users are able to look in and around the detailed and realistic 3D model of a property and use some of the tools such as the “drag and drop” furniture feature to help them imagine themselves in the space.

Instead of just showing a static 2D floor plan or a physical 3D model of a project at a display suite, the Snaploader 3D models that live online are able to be viewed in much higher level of details by thousands more potential clients and from the comfort of their home.

“As Covid-19 continues to impact the real estate Industry, our customers are telling us how their investment in our platform has helped them keep their business going.

“Our real estate clients are not just sharing the URL links with their prospects but are also using various video conferencing to share screen and virtually walk through their projects online. ”

Amalgamated Property Group development manager Daniel Potts recently launched two large-scale projects using the various Snaploader 3D visualisation technologies.

Snaploader has been a vital tool in being able to continue selling and marketing our products whilst we have been unable to show people through our display suites,” Potts said.

Amalgamated Property Group took advantage of Snaploader’s interactive 3D models and fly through videos for both projects which prepared them well for what was to come.

“Thankfully, this software was setup before the onset of Covid-19 which we believe has put is in a strong position compared to some of our competitors that lack a digital sales tool,” Potts said.

Snaploader has been very important for the sale of our product during Covid-19.

“Buyers are still able to experience their future homes and get an appreciation for the inclusions and design without having to physically come into the display suite.

“The feedback from the buyers and the 30 or so sales team has been consistent with our clients from all real estate sectors.

Snaploader has been widely accepted and used by both our sales agent teams and buyers.

“We believe this is the most dynamic and flexible product in the market and the level of engagement we have seen reflects this.”

Riverside Commercial Hub, Steel River - click to view

One Chalmers, Mascot - click to view

The Griffin, Parkes ACT - click to view

“Even though a downturn, the Covid-19 pandemic could end up being the accelerator that transforms interactive 3D models from a luxury addition into a standard baseline expectation,” a Snaploader spokesperson said.

“Those who have been slow to explore the possibilities of 3D visualisation are currently seeing how easy, useful and essential they are for real estate.

“Covid-19 will eventually pass. However, interactive 3D models won’t be fading into the background once it does. The powers of virtual touring will be at the forefront of the industry’s mind as digital technologies propelled society forward during the hardest of times.

“Any real estate agent interested in learning more about Snaploader’s interactive 3D model services shouldn’t hesitate to chat with us.”


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