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Snaploader is an emerging Australian tech company in property visualisation – for Project Development, Commercial, Industrial and Residential real estate.

Snaploaders' unique IP works to convert 2D floor plans, CAD and CGI files into interactive 3D models.

Our ability to make 3D models highly interactive and optimised to operate on desktop and mobile devices makes Snaploader world-leading in 3D visualisation technology.

4 Drake Avenue, Macquarie Park

High quality office space in the heart of Macquarie Park with 4 floors available for lease. Using a high-resolution base image, Levels 1-4 are visualised using an interactive 3D model displaying furnished and unfurnished options.

The Snaploader platform allows a viewer to open different floor levels by scrolling over the building or using the floor level tabs. Use your mouse or track pad to interact or the control menu to zoom, rotate, save or screenshot.

what benefits does a 3D model deliver?

  • Visualise the location, perspective and landscaping of the Pinnacle Office Park and surrounding areas
  • Explore the available floor levels from any angle, rotate or zoom on the 3D model
  • Create your own fit out plan using the drag & drop furniture feature. Save your own layout and share with friends or colleagues.
  • Analyse statistics, see which levels are being looked at and how long viewers spend looking. Receive leads and information from saved layouts

Level 2 (unfurnished)

See each office level in 3D

Pinnacle Office Park



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