Interactive 3D Models for Commercial Real Estate

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Snaploader is an emerging Australia tech company in property visualisation – for Project Development , Commercial, Industrial and Residential real estate.

Snaploader's unique IP works to convert 2D floor plans, CAD files and/or CGI files into interactive 3D models of a property, with minimal rework.  

Snaploader 3D models are highly interactive and are optimised to operate on mobile devices as well as all standard IT platforms.

  • drag & drop office furniture and industrial racking to increase building interaction
  • features to increase visualisation
  • embedded links into conventional marketing literature
  • info-pane to add specific property details
  • view tracking and lead generation
  • micro-sites and re-usable digital assets per building
  • add Skybox (360 drone shoot) to show views per windows
  • track view/dwell time per plan, per tenancy and
  • total dwell times – can be up to 8 x longer than listing with conventional 2D plans.

There are a range of add-on features to increase buyer/viewer traction, including:

Corporate Connect Centre - For Lease

  • Stage 1 commercial development completed in May 2016
  • Two floors remaining for lease with space from 300 - 2,796 sqm available
  • Interactive 3D model added to display individual floor levels and allow a user to create their own floor plan layout
  • New commercial office precinct visualised to feature 40,515 sqm GFA office space across 3 architecturally designed buildings
  • Ground floor retail hub and other amenities to follow.


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