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Click From Image

Link 3D models from a CGI image

Click from image is a cost effective and engaging way to deliver any 3D project by linking together individual 3D models from a CGI image.

We can curate a proposal to deliver a 3D project economically. By using an existing CGI image of the project, highlights of the project like unique floor plans can be modelled using interactive 3D and delivered by clicking open from an activated image.

Add interactive 3D to an existing project by using a current CGI image

Cost effective solution to incorporate interactive 3D in your current marketing:

Whether you are marketing residual stock of units for an existing development or tenancies in a commercial floor, click from image links together 3D content for digital marketing campaigns.

It provides an in-depth 3D experience allowing a better understanding of the potential opportunity.

Click from image example:

Scroll over the image to highlight an apartment, click to open:

What we need you to email us to quote on your project?

For a Click from Image:

An Architectural set of plans in pdf format for 3D models and a 'hero' CGI image to be activated for the click from image.



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