3D Virtual Inspections — How the Property Sector can cope with Coronavirus




SYDNEY, 30 March 2020


In previous turbulent times, one of the asset classes that people have turned to is property. The Covid-19 virus presents unique challenges for the property industry, particularly in the light of Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s recent announcement suspending gatherings at auctions and limiting inspections.

There are still agents, developers and vendors wishing to sell and rent and buyers are continuing to look for opportunities.

Property transaction facilitators – real estate agents and property managers – are now facing the issue of how to conduct business at a distance.While much can be achieved with video conferencing platforms such as Skype and Zoom the dilemma remains how to showcase the benefits of a property and fully explain its attributes. Not everyone can correctly interpret 2Dfloorplans and photography can only reveal so much.

With that in mind, Snaploader has developed the ability for 2D floor plans and architectural CAD files to be seamlessly converted to interactive 3D models which allows the property to be viewed remotely, without significant computing power or the use of costly alternative technologies such as Virtual Reality headsets. Because it is browser-based, it requires no new app or additional process to be fully effective.

The property type and size are no barrier to Snaploader – from an apartment or house, to substantial development projects as well as commercial and industrial spaces – they can be converted and distributed on-demand.

The 3D models can be further adapted into computer generated images (CGI) and video fly- thru executions. Snaploader interactive 3Ds are designed to operate on any device that can access the internet, including mobile phones, touch tables, tablets and PCs. Once downloaded the 3D models provide a frictionless viewing experience for potential buyers and tenants. Importantly can be added to a website with minimal technical expertise.

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Snaploader provides VIRTUAL INSPECTIONS in much in the same way that Facetime provides video phone calls. These interactive 3D models may additionally have embedded images to enhance the unique features of a particular property.

Snaploader is also supported by both of the major property portals Australia, and

Snaploader is easy to adopt, easy to adapt, and frictionless for all to use and is competitively priced.

Please see the examples attached and call or email as would we delighted to give you more detail about how we can help navigate this challenging time.

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Botten & Bowser - Residential 3D project

Rockwell - Residential 3D project - Stacked Townhouse

28 Waratah St, Balgowlah - Residential 3D model with popup images